Your friendly neighborhood popGeezer was raised by a Zenith console TV and a General Electric hi-fi. The resulting critter lacked any social skills not shown on 60’s sit-coms, or written into show-tunes, Beatles songs or Bozo the Clown activity albums.

In the 70’s, Casey Kasem taught him how to count in reverse, and, by the 80’s, Dr. Demento totally re-shaped his sense of decorum.

All of these bizarre influences can be heard in his audio experiments, which he creates in the popGeezer Labs, secreted away somewhere under a highway bridge near Nashville, Tennessee.

In his spare time, your popGeezer rails at the aggravations of life at popGeezer.com, pretends to assimilate into humanity at large, and raises the mysterious and adorable popCorgis.

You have been warned…

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